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College & Alternatives

Whether your dream is to go to college, immediately start a career, take a year to learn about yourself or do something all together different, this can be an exciting time. The important thing is to consider your strengths, options and goals. Then chart a course that’s right for you.

  • Diving into the Job Market – There is little in life as valuable as experience. Diving into the job market allows you to start building your financial future immediately and building a resume others might appreciate.
  • College – According to the US Census Bureau, in general college graduates make one million more dollars over their lifetime than high school graduates. Also, college graduates enjoy other advantages, but no single path is right for everyone.
  • Trade School – Often less expensive than college, students in trade school can often look forward to lucrative careers in a matter of months rather than years.
  • Military Service – Always an honorable choice, military service provides exceptional technical and leadership training as well as providing money for college if you should choose to pursue that course later. Also, the military offers a clear and highly rewarding career path in its own right.
  • Something Different – Maybe you have the financial resources to travel, want to start a band or you’d prefer to spend a year or two volunteering in the service in some worthy cause. Pursuing your dreams can be a rewarding path its own right and give you invaluable insights for the rest of your life.

Whatever path you choose, a solid financial plan can help. Talking to a associate at LifeStore is definitely a step in the right direction.


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